First Nation Language (FNLG) Courses

      FNLG 100 The Squamish Language I
      FNLG 101 The Squamish Language II (Skwxwu7mesh Snichim II)
      FNLG 102 The Lil'wat Language I (Ucwalmícwts I)
      FNLG 103 The Lil'wat Language II (Ucwalmicwts II)
      FNLG 104 The Lil’wat Language III (Ucwalmícwts III)
      FNLG 105 The Lil'wat Language IV (Ucwalmícwts IV)
      FNLG 106 The Squamish Language III (Skwxwu7mesh Snichim III)
      FNLG 107 The Squamish Language IV (Skwxwu7mesh Snichim IV)
      FNLG 108 The Sechelt Language I (Sháshíshálhem I)
      FNLG 109 The Sechelt Language II (Sháshíshálhem II)
      FNLG 110 The Sechelt Language III (Sháshíshálhem III)
      FNLG 111 The Sechelt Language IV (Sháshíshálhem IV)

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