English (ENGL) Courses

      ENGL 010 Language Skills
      ENGL 100 University Writing Strategies
      ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature
      ENGL 107 Indigenous Literature and Film
      ENGL 109 Literature and Contemporary Culture
      ENGL 190 Introduction to Creative Writing
      ENGL 191 Creative Writing: Contemporary Practices
      ENGL 200 Literature in English from Beowulf to Paradise Lost
      ENGL 201 Literature in English after Paradise Lost
      ENGL 203 Canadian Literature
      ENGL 205 Modern American Literature
      ENGL 207 Literary Theory and Criticism
      ENGL 208 Studies in Fiction
      ENGL 213 World Literature in English
      ENGL 217 Literature on the Edge
      ENGL 218 The Art of Children's Literature
      ENGL 219 Reel Lit: Literature into Film
      ENGL 290 Creative Writing: Letter and Line
      ENGL 291 Creative Writing: Narrative Fictions
      ENGL 292 Creative Writing: Children's Literature
      ENGL 293 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction
      ENGL 295 Special Topics in Creative Writing
      ENGL 296 Creative Writing: Writing for the Stage
      ENGL 300 Writing, Rhetoric, Style
      ENGL 301 Studies in Rhetoric
      ENGL 302 Studies in British Columbian Literature
      ENGL 305 Studies in Canadian Literature
      ENGL 308 Studies in British Literature
      ENGL 311 Studies in American Literature
      ENGL 314 Studies in National Literatures
      ENGL 317 Traditions in Western Literature
      ENGL 320 World Literature in Translation
      ENGL 323 Studies in Genre
      ENGL 326 Traditions in Poetry
      ENGL 329 Literature and Performance
      ENGL 332 Literature and Society
      ENGL 335 Electronic Literature
      ENGL 338 Literature and Media
      ENGL 341 Literature and Visual Culture
      ENGL 344 Literature and the Environment
      ENGL 390 Advanced Poetry and Poetics
      ENGL 391 Advanced Narrative Forms
      ENGL 395 Special Topics in Creative Writing
      ENGL 400 Major Authors
      ENGL 410 Topics in Twentieth-Century Literature
      ENGL 420 Topics in Literary Theory
      ENGL 490 Directed Studies
      ENGL 491 Directed Studies in Creative Writing

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