Early Childhood Care & Ed. (EDUC) Courses

      EDUC 121 Introduction to Centre Administration
      EDUC 159 Working with Young Children in Inclusive Group Settings
      EDUC 166 Child Development I
      EDUC 168 Child Development II
      EDUC 173 Curriculum Development I
      EDUC 178 Caring & Learning in Early Years Settings
      EDUC 179 Guiding Young Children
      EDUC 183 Curriculum Development II
      EDUC 190 Observing & Recording: Thinking with the E.L.F.
      EDUC 240 Advanced Child Development
      EDUC 244 Theoretical Perspectives
      EDUC 251 Centre Operations
      EDUC 276 Applied Theory - Practicum I
      EDUC 277 Applied Theory - Practicum II
      EDUC 281 Family, School and Community
      EDUC 348 Program Planning, Physical Care and Safety for Infants and Toddlers
      EDUC 349 Applied Theory Infant/Toddler Practicum
      EDUC 354 Planning for Inclusive Practice
      EDUC 373 Inquiry-Based Learning in ECCE
      EDUC 374 Curriculum Development (Advanced)
      EDUC 375 Early Childhood: Children, Culture and Globalization
      EDUC 376 Global Perspectives on Literature and Literacy
      EDUC 379 Pedagogista Studies: Role of the Pedagogista
      EDUC 380 Advanced Studies of the Pedagogista
      EDUC 381 Applied Theory: Advanced Practice in Early Years I
      EDUC 382 Applied Theory: Advanced Practice in Early Years II
      EDUC 383 Curriculum - Outdoor Environments
      EDUC 384 Curriculum: Numeracy in the Early Years
      EDUC 385 Advanced Curriculum Studies
      EDUC 386 Pedagogista Studies: Engaging with the West Coast
      EDUC 388 The Pedagogical Practice of Pedagogical Narrations
      EDUC 390 Applied Theory: Inclusive Practice Practicum
      EDUC 470 Issues and Perspectives on Young Children, Families & ECCE
      EDUC 471 Leadership, Advocacy and Policy in ECCE
      EDUC 472 Contemporary Issues in ECCE
      EDUC 473 Teacher as Researcher
      EDUC 474 Social Justice and Ethics in ECCE
      EDUC 475 Graduating Seminar
      EDUC 476 Atelierista Studies: Studio Research in ECCE
      EDUC 477 Atelierista Studies: Young Children and the Arts
      EDUC 483 Curriculum: Outdoor Environments II

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