Costuming (COST) Courses

      COST 100 Costume Cutting and Construction I
      COST 101 Costume Cutting and Construction II
      COST 102 History of Costume I
      COST 103 History of Costume II
      COST 104 Wardrobe Management
      COST 105 Film Costumer Project
      COST 200 Costume Cutting and Construction III
      COST 202 Elements of Costume Design
      COST 203 Costume Skills Intensive
      COST 205 Advanced Film Costumer Project
      COST 275 Costume Skills Intensive: Specialties
      COST 276 Costume Skills Intensive: Advanced Construction
      COST 277 Costume Skills Intensive: Special Effects
      COST 278 Costume Skills Intensive: Corsetry

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