Computing Science (COMP) Courses

      COMP 101 Computers and their Application
      COMP 106 Programming with Robots
      COMP 107 Animated 3D Game Programming
      COMP 108 Software Applications and Their Customization
      COMP 115 Writing SOLID Code: Fundamentals
      COMP 120 Computer Science for Engineers
      COMP 121 Fundamentals of Programming
      COMP 126 Principles of Software Design
      COMP 134 Programming in Java
      COMP 165 Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet
      COMP 202 Foundations of Computer Science
      COMP 210 Data Structures and Abstraction
      COMP 211 Computer Design and Architecture I
      COMP 212 Computer Design and Architecture II
      COMP 213 Introduction to Software Engineering
      COMP 220 Data Structures and Algorithms for Engineers
      COMP 301 Computing Technologies in a Digital Culture
      COMP 320 Database Technologies and Applications
      COMP 330 Modern Scripting and OS Automation

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