Communications (CMNS) Courses

      CMNS 100 Basic Business Writing and Editing
      CMNS 105 International Interactions I
      CMNS 110 Communications for the Medical Assistant
      CMNS 112 Introduction to Communication Studies
      CMNS 115 Communications for Animation
      CMNS 117 Exploring Popular Culture Through the Media: An Interactive Course for International Students
      CMNS 120 Professional Writing for Artists
      CMNS 123 Fundamentals of Communication for Artists and Designers
      CMNS 131 Business Writing for Documentary
      CMNS 132 Explorations in Mass Media
      CMNS 133 Business Writing for Digital Visual Effects
      CMNS 152 Business Communications Basics
      CMNS 154 Communications in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
      CMNS 159 Communications for the Legal Administrative Assistant
      CMNS 164 Advanced Communication and Interactions for Tourism Management International Students
      CMNS 174 Wilderness Leadership Communications
      CMNS 185 Presentation Skills for Public Speaking
      CMNS 190 Writing for Popular Media
      CMNS 191 Writing for Magazines
      CMNS 205 International Interaction II
      CMNS 209 History of Media
      CMNS 220 Advanced Business Writing and Editing
      CMNS 222 Communication and Ideology
      CMNS 223 Communications Skills, Applications and Contexts for Design and Art Direction
      CMNS 231 Cultural Industries in Canada
      CMNS 235 Understanding News
      CMNS 236 Understanding Television
      CMNS 241 Software for Magazine Publishing
      CMNS 250 Introduction to Technical Writing
      CMNS 253 Society and Digital Media
      CMNS 255 Interpersonal Communication
      CMNS 260 Applied Communication Research Methods
      CMNS 261 Interpreting Communication Documents
      CMNS 262 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication Studies
      CMNS 270 Visual Communication
      CMNS 280 Fiction Techniques for Professional Writers
      CMNS 285 Advanced Presentation Skills
      CMNS 295 The Culture of Advertising
      CMNS 302 Advanced International Interactions II
      CMNS 305 Advanced International Interactions I
      CMNS 322 Videogames: Culture, Theory and Criticism
      CMNS 330 Communication Ethics
      CMNS 331 Communication Policy and Law
      CMNS 333 Conflict and Communication
      CMNS 345 Web Content Development
      CMNS 351 Editing for Popular Media
      CMNS 352 Organizational Communication
      CMNS 353 Technology and Everyday Life
      CMNS 354 Advanced Communications Skills for Tourism Management
      CMNS 355 Intercultural Communication
      CMNS 360 Strategic Communication
      CMNS 370 Photography as Communication: Fact and Fiction
      CMNS 371 Foundations of Design, Layout and Production for Magazines
      CMNS 380 Applied Cultural Criticism
      CMNS 390 Publishing for the 21st Century
      CMNS 395 Public and Media Relations
      CMNS 400 Magazine Practicum
      CMNS 412 Special Topics in Communication Studies
      CMNS 431 Project Group Communication Policy and Law
      CMNS 433 Project Group in Risk and Crisis Communication
      CMNS 453 Project Group in Communication and New Media
      CMNS 462 Advanced Communication Research Practice
      CMNS 490 Project Group in Publishing
      CMNS 495 Project Group in Media Campaigns
      CMNS 498 Communication Practicum
      CMNS 499 Undergraduate Thesis

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