Chemistry (CHEM) Courses

      CHEM 030 Introduction to Chemistry
      CHEM 101 Fundamentals of Chemistry
      CHEM 110 Bonding and Structure
      CHEM 111 Chemical Dynamics and Energetics
      CHEM 130 Chemistry In Our World
      CHEM 154 Chemical Principles for Engineers
      CHEM 200 Organic Chemistry I
      CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry II
      CHEM 204 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
      CHEM 205 Introduction to Bio-inorganic Chemistry
      CHEM 206 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
      CHEM 250 Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers
      CHEM 251 Physical Chemistry for Engineers
      CHEM 252 Organic Chemistry for Engineers
      CHEM 300 Chemistry and Society

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