Business Technology (BTEC) Courses

      BTEC 111 Business English I
      BTEC 112 Language Skill Development
      BTEC 115 Business Systems and Procedures
      BTEC 117 Accounting Procedures I
      BTEC 118 Introduction to Computerized Accounting
      BTEC 124 Comprehensive Computer Applications
      BTEC 125 Comprehensive Computer Applications I
      BTEC 126 Comprehensive Computer Applications II
      BTEC 149 Financial Computer Applications
      BTEC 211 Business Writing
      BTEC 215 Computerized Accounting for Accounting Programs
      BTEC 217 Accounting Procedures II
      BTEC 220 Accounting Procedures III
      BTEC 251 Interpersonal Skills
      BTEC 252 Organizational Behaviour
      BTEC 300 Accounting Assistant Practicum

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