Business Marketing (BMKT) Courses

      BMKT 161 Marketing
      BMKT 260 Social Media Marketing
      BMKT 261 Advertising
      BMKT 262 Event Marketing
      BMKT 263 Professional Selling Skills
      BMKT 315 e-Business Analysis and Administration
      BMKT 316 Branding and Innovation
      BMKT 317 Introduction to Mobile App Marketing & Commercialization
      BMKT 360 Marketing Research
      BMKT 364 Consumer Behaviour
      BMKT 365 Marketing Strategies and Decisions
      BMKT 366 Professional Sales and Management
      BMKT 367 Promotion Strategy and Analysis
      BMKT 369 Digital Marketing
      BMKT 370 Social Media Marketing
      BMKT 401 Applied Marketing Methods
      BMKT 405 Marketing Projects in Industry
      BMKT 408 Product Development

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.