Biology (BIOL) Courses

      BIOL 104 Human Biology
      BIOL 105 Environmental Biology
      BIOL 106 Introductory Biology I
      BIOL 107 Introductory Biology II
      BIOL 110 General Biology I
      BIOL 111 General Biology II
      BIOL 112 Human Anatomy and Physiology I for Health Sciences
      BIOL 113 Human Anatomy and Physiology II for Health Sciences
      BIOL 200 Genetics I
      BIOL 202 Nutrition
      BIOL 203 Introduction to Microbiology
      BIOL 208 Ecology
      BIOL 210 Morphology of Vascular Plants
      BIOL 212 Invertebrate Zoology
      BIOL 213 Vertebrate Zoology
      BIOL 214 Cell Biology
      BIOL 215 Biochemistry
      BIOL 222 Microbiology
      BIOL 240 Pathology
      BIOL 305 Ecological Principles for Sustainability
      BIOL 350 Natural History of BC
      BIOL 351 Global Biogeography
      BIOL 352 Evolution of Life
      BIOL 353 Brain Health
      BIOL 354 Physiology of Disease

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