Business Finance (BFIN) Courses

      BFIN 141 Introductory Accounting I
      BFIN 142 Financial Accounting I
      BFIN 193 Compressed Introductory Financial Accounting
      BFIN 241 Finance for Managers
      BFIN 244 Managerial Accounting
      BFIN 246 Financial Accounting II
      BFIN 249 Accounting Microcomputer Applications
      BFIN 286 Personal Financial Planning
      BFIN 331 Assurance & Auditing I
      BFIN 341 Cost Accounting I
      BFIN 342 Cost Accounting II
      BFIN 347 Financial Accounting III
      BFIN 348 Accounting Information Systems
      BFIN 350 Advanced Financial Management
      BFIN 351 Taxation I
      BFIN 353 International Finance
      BFIN 386 Risk Management and Insurance
      BFIN 391 Contemporary Issues in Finance and Investment
      BFIN 411 Advanced Financial Accounting
      BFIN 412 Assurance & Auditing II
      BFIN 431 Advanced Management Accounting
      BFIN 441 Investment Strategies
      BFIN 451 Taxation II
      BFIN 486 Retirement and Estate Planning

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