Acting for Stage and Screen (ASAS) Courses

      ASAS 105 Voice and Movement for the Actor I
      ASAS 110 Screen Acting I
      ASAS 114 The Screen Actor's Process I
      ASAS 115 Voice for the Actor I
      ASAS 116 Movement for the Actor I
      ASAS 120 Elements of Performance History I
      ASAS 161 Ensemble Projects for the Stage I
      ASAS 162 Screen Projects I
      ASAS 190 Practicum I
      ASAS 191 Practicum II
      ASAS 192 Practicum III
      ASAS 193 Practicum IV
      ASAS 194 Practicum V
      ASAS 195 Practicum VI
      ASAS 208 Performance I
      ASAS 210 Screen Acting II
      ASAS 214 The Screen Actor's Process II
      ASAS 215 Voice for the Actor II
      ASAS 216 Movement for the Actor II
      ASAS 218 Musical Theatre for Actors - Voice
      ASAS 219 Musical Theatre for Actors - Dance
      ASAS 220 Elements of Performance History II
      ASAS 225 Voice for the Actor III
      ASAS 226 Movement for the Actor III
      ASAS 260 Analysis for Directing and Design
      ASAS 261 Ensemble Projects for the Stage II
      ASAS 262 Screen Projects II
      ASAS 290 Practicum VII
      ASAS 291 Practicum VIII
      ASAS 292 Practicum IX
      ASAS 293 Practicum X
      ASAS 294 Practicum XI
      ASAS 295 Practicum XII
      ASAS 302 Graduation Showcase
      ASAS 321 Conceptual Approaches I
      ASAS 328 Performance IV
      ASAS 329 Theatre Performance
      ASAS 340 The Actor's Kit
      ASAS 341 The Screen Actor's Process III
      ASAS 362 Screen Projects III
      ASAS 370 The Actor's Business
      ASAS 390 Performance Project I
      ASAS 391 Performance Project II
      ASAS 392 Performance Project III

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