Anthropology (ANTH) Courses

      ANTH 121 Introduction to Social Anthropology
      ANTH 123 Introduction to Archaeology
      ANTH 124 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
      ANTH 200 Intermediate Social Anthropology
      ANTH 202 Anthropology and the Environment
      ANTH 204 Ethnic Relations
      ANTH 205 Multiculturalism
      ANTH 206 First Nations of British Columbia
      ANTH 208 Indigenous Peoples of North America
      ANTH 209 Anthropology of Latin America
      ANTH 222 Eating Culture: An Anthropology of Food
      ANTH 225 The Anthropology of Music
      ANTH 230 Anthropology of Religion
      ANTH 232 Archaeology of Africa, Asia and Europe
      ANTH 233 Archaeology of the Americas
      ANTH 240 Visual Anthropology
      ANTH 241 Archaeology Field School
      ANTH 249 Comparative Cultures: A Field Study in Anthropology
      ANTH 320 Archaeology and Popular Culture
      ANTH 323 Learning from the Past: The Relevance of Archaeological Research
      ANTH 340 Stuff: The Anthropology of Material Culture
      ANTH 342 Life's Passage: The Anthropology of Aging
      ANTH 350 Ethnology of a Selected Region
      ANTH 420 Contemporary Topics in Anthropology
      ANTH 490 Directed Studies

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