Animation (ANIM) Courses

      ANIM 010 Animation Principles and Timing
      ANIM 020 Design Basics for Animation
      ANIM 030 Drawing for Animation
      ANIM 040 Digital Animation and Design
      ANIM 103 Design Elements in Animation I
      ANIM 104 Studio: Gesture and Form
      ANIM 105 Survey of Western Cinema: Animation
      ANIM 106 Animation: Quadrupeds and Effects
      ANIM 107 Character Animation I
      ANIM 108 Design Elements in Animation II
      ANIM 109 Studio: Advanced Drawing Techniques I
      ANIM 110 Production Design for Animation
      ANIM 116 Animation: Timing and Principles
      ANIM 117 Animation: Introduction to Character Drawing
      ANIM 200 Character Animation II
      ANIM 201 Visual Storytelling
      ANIM 202 Studio: Advanced Drawing Techniques II
      ANIM 203 Digital Production Tools for Animation
      ANIM 204 Advanced Production Design for Animation
      ANIM 205 Character Animation III
      ANIM 206 Studio: Drawing Master Class
      ANIM 207 Visual Development and Concept Design
      ANIM 208 Professional Studies in Animation
      ANIM 209 Animation: Emerging Technologies
      ANIM 210 Entrepreneurship in the Animation Industry

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