Animation Arts (ANAR) Courses

      ANAR 151 2D Introduction to Animation I
      ANAR 152 2D Design Foundations I
      ANAR 153 2D Animation Layout
      ANAR 154 2D Survey of Life Drawing
      ANAR 161 2D Introduction to Animation II
      ANAR 162 2D Design Foundations II
      ANAR 163 2D Animation Storyboarding
      ANAR 164 2D Anatomy for Animation
      ANAR 251 3D Fundamentals of Animation I
      ANAR 252 3D Model and Texture I
      ANAR 253 3D Animation and Timing I
      ANAR 254 3D Animation Imaging I
      ANAR 261 3D Fundamentals of Animation II
      ANAR 262 3D Model and Texture II
      ANAR 263 3D Animation and Timing II
      ANAR 264 3D Animation Imaging II

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