ABT Online (ABTO) Courses

      ABTO 100 Online Learner Success
      ABTO 101 Computers and the Internet
      ABTO 102 Administrative Procedures
      ABTO 103 Records Management
      ABTO 110 Keyboarding I
      ABTO 111 Word Processing I
      ABTO 112 Keyboarding II
      ABTO 113 Word Processing II
      ABTO 114 Spreadsheets I
      ABTO 115 Database
      ABTO 116 Presentation Software
      ABTO 117 Outlook
      ABTO 118 Desktop Publishing
      ABTO 120 Business English
      ABTO 121 Business Communications
      ABTO 122 Website Design and Maintenance
      ABTO 123 Transcription
      ABTO 130 Business Calculators and Mathematics
      ABTO 131 Accounting Level I
      ABTO 132 Accounting Level II
      ABTO 133 Spreadsheets II
      ABTO 134 Computerized Accounting
      ABTO 140 Human Relations
      ABTO 141 Job Search
      ABTO 142 Integrated Projects - Administrative

      For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.