Women’s & Gender Studies Courses

  • WGST 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
    WGST 111 Introduction to Gender Studies
    WGST 204 Women Write
    WGST 208 Women and the Law
    WGST 210 The Psychology of Women and Gender
    WGST 213 Gender, Politics and Policy
    WGST 215 The Geography of Gender: Global Perspectives
    WGST 220 Women and the Past: A Historical Survey
    WGST 222 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender
    WGST 224 Women and Health
    WGST 226 Women and Religion
    WGST 230 Women, Art and Gender
    WGST 240 Gender, Science and Technology
    WGST 250 Gender and Popular Culture
    WGST 302 Jobs and Gender in a Globalized Economy
    WGST 345 Gender, Slums and Urbanization in the Global South
    WGST 360 Contemporary Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

    For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar.