Alumni Testimonials

  • “The Wilderness Leadership program has positively impacted my life on a grand scale. I enrolled in the water based skills and did it ever change my life. We had the best instructors and teachers, the places we went to were breathtaking. I created tightly knitted bonds with fellow classmates and to think that I was getting industry certifications and a University certificate was just the icing on the cake! I highly recommend this program to anyone.”

                ~ Arie Vander Reyden, Wilderness Leadership Certificate 2010

    “The Wilderness Leadership Program has given me an amazing opportunity to pursue a career in the guiding and outdoor adventure industry. In addition to learning from knowledgeable and experienced instructors, I made lifelong friends and industry connections. Everyone involved made every effort to set us up for success.”

                ~ Ray Choo, Wilderness Leadership Certificate 2010

    “Taking the Wilderness Leadership and Advanced Wilderness Leadership Certificate Programs has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve gained incredible friendships, industry connections, and a solid basis for work in the outdoor adventure industry. The instructors are incredibly encouraging and knowledgable, the classes are all well-suited to the needs of the industry, and there is an amazing comraderie between everyone involved; each student receives personalized guidance with their goals and is set up for success. I feel more than ready to pursue a career in the outdoor adventure industry, doing something that I love, and know that I’ll have the support of Capilano University throughout my journey.”

                ~ Alanna Ray, Wilderness Leadership Certificate 2010

    "What I took away the most from WLP are all the relationships and options that sprout up throughout the year. Yes it is school, but really it is so much more. You’re not just learning the “hard” skills and classroom material; you learn what it takes to become a better person and global citizen. I didn’t know how much this program would change me going in, and now that after graduating, I am a completely different person for the better. Taking WLP will be the greatest decision that you have made to date."
                ~ Sam Lam, 2011
    "If I could sum up my experience in the Wilderness Leadership Program at Capilano University, I would have to say… Enlightening! I was challenged beyond my own expectations; but with the help of amazing guides and instructors I reached a new height in understanding what I had to offer myself and others. After finishing the program, I was quickly offered employment as a sea kayak guide and have never looked back. The Wilderness Leadership Program offered me valuable time to strengthen weaknesses within my own leadership skills. I left the program a strong, confident leader; ready to pursue any challenge life shall offer. This new perspective has opened many doors for me in the outdoor adventure industry and in developing personal relationships with others. If I could offer any advice to those interested in pursuing the program I would say “Listen to your heart, let your spirit direct you, and accept the challenge!”
                ~ Tony Devoe, 2011
    "I took the Wilderness leadership Program in 2010, it was a year that changed my life.  The WLP program allowed me to learn more about myself than ever before.  I gained wilderness competence in a variety of skills and most importantly gained experience and education to lead other indoors or out.  I recommend this program to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and spend time outdoors, and those who want to travel an exciting path.  The WLP program gave me the skills and experience to work a variety of jobs depending on the season.  I am currently spending the summer in Calgary working with youth in a native cultural and outdoor education camp in the Ghost River Wilderness with Ghost River Rediscovery.  I am so grateful for my time spent at Capilano University.  The friends I made, and the experience I had, will never be forgotten."
                ~ Rickilee Walls, 2010