Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of careers could I pursue after studying Tourism Management?

    Tourism is a growing global industry and in B.C. alone, there are close to 18,000 tourism-related companies with 300 to 500 new tourism businesses started each year ( A wide range of career options exist within the tourism industry, whether your passion is for marketing and promotions, food and beverage, operations, or guest service. Check out our career opportunities page, as well as the tourism resource go2.

    How do I apply to a program within the School of Tourism Management?


    In addition to the standard application process for Capilano University, a letter of intent is required as part of your application. The letter should be a professional, well-written letter that expresses:


    1.why you are interested in this program;

    2.what your career goals are; this program will help you achieve them; and your experiences have prepared you for success in this program.

    The letter must be written by you (the applicant), and will be evaluated for thoughtfulness of response and quality of writing.


    Where do I send my letter of intent?


    Domestic students applying to the tourism management diploma or the tourism marketing citation should email their letter of intent to .  Domestic students applying to the Bachelor of tourism management should send their letter of intent to .


    All international students applying to the Bachelor of Tourism Management, Tourism Management Co-op Diploma or Tourism Marketing Citation should send their letter of intent to the Centre for International Experience (CIE) at


    Can I apply credits earned from my Tourism Management diploma towards the Tourism Management degree program?

    Yes. The Tourism Mangement Co-operative Education diploma is the first two years of the Bachelor degree.  If you decide to continue on with your tourism education, you can apply to ladder into the degree program at anytime during or after you complete your diploma. Considering the degree now is important as there are two concentrations available, consider taking one of the elective streams in Hotel and Resort Management or Adventure Management at the lower level so that you can continue them into your 3rd and 4th year.  That way you graduate with a concentration too!

    What is the application deadline for the Tourism Management degree or diploma programs?

    • Applications for the Bachelor of Tourism Management are accepted year-round for either a September, May or January start. 
    • Applications for the Tourism Management Diploma are accepted year-round for a September or January start date.