Our Team

  • Susan BellSusan Bell
    Communications/Broadcast Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, PQ and a Master’s Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B
    Convenor, Tourism Management International - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Susan’s experience spans over 20 years teaching in academic and corporate environments, both nationally and internationally. Prior to joining Capilano ... [more]

    Catherine BonifaceCatherine Boniface
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Catherine has a masters degree in Biogeography and several years of experience as an instructor at Outward bound in western Canada. A keen mountaineer ... [more]

    Henry ChowHenry Chow
    Bachelor of Commerce from University of Alberta; Bachelor of Arts with Distinction Major in Japanese Language and Literature from University of Toronto; MA in Tourism Management from Royal Roads University
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Henry has been involved in the tourism industry for more than 15 years, with the main focus on the aviation industry. Being a Training Instructor at t ... [more]

    Claudia DClaudia D'Almeida
    Master of Science - Tourism Marketing (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)
    Instructor & International RecruitmentInstructor & International Recruitment - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Claudia has taught in a variety of subject areas related to her areas of expertise – Destination Marketing, Tourism & Technology, Revenue Management f ... [more]

    Rick DaviesRick Davies
    RTC (Royal New Zealand Navy)
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Rick has designed and run courses in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, the Solomon Islands, Paraguay, the U.S. and acro ... [more]

    Sue_HoganSue Hogan
    B. Com (U of T), C.A. (ICAO)
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Sue Hogan teaches accounting and financial courses in both the Faculty of Tourism and Outdoor Recreation and the Faculty of Business. Sue is a Univers ... [more]

    Roy Jantzen 2Roy Jantzen
    Masters degree in Environmental Education & Communication
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Roy Jantzen is a professor of Natural History, Ecotourism, and Environmental Stewardship in the Faculty of Global and Community Studies at Capilano Un ... [more]

    Joe_KellyJoe Kelly
    BSc, MSc, PhD
    Instructor - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Joe has 15 years of professional experience in transportation and tourism and is well versed in climate change issues and strategies. As one of Canada ... [more]

    Phil MentacosPhil Mentacos
    MBA, BGS, Dip Comp Systems Mgmt, Dip Adult Education
    Instructor, School of Tourism Management - Tourism Management for International Students

    Phil’s 20 years of industry experience lies in technology business projects in the airline, healthcare and software industries.  He has done extensive ... [more]

    George NikolovGueorgui (George) Nikolov
    MSc (U of NWE, Sofia), PhD (U of London)
    Instructor - Schools Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Management, School of Business

    George Nikolov is an economist who has an extensive experience in the fields of quantitative methods and information technology. He has worked in the  ... [more]

    Jarred VaughanJarrett Vaughan
    MA in Tourism and Leisure Management- University of Brighton (UK) Msc in Tourism Management- Ecole de Management de Normandie (France)
    Instructor - School of Tourism Management

    Prior to graduating from Capilano University with a Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management, Jarrett started his first entrepreneurial venture running  ... [more]

    Stephanie WellsStephanie Wells
    Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR), Masters in Educational Leadership (MSc)
    Co-chair School of Tourism Management/School of Outdoor Recreation - Faculty of Global and Community Studies

    Stephanie has over 25 years in the tourism industry working at Walt Disney World Resort and several organizations British Columbia including Tourism B ... [more]