Hear What Our Grads Have To Say

  • Testimonials

    “There are so many events to socialize with other students and faculty in the same program, and that makes students feel like a family. Although we pay a lot more tuition (as international students) the care we receive and activities we’re provided with are worth a lot more value. Great people!”
    Satomi Oshida from Japan (graduate 2008)

    “I like the TMI program because of all the people you get to know, the experiences you make, and the knowledge you gain.”
    Patricia Pilutik from Germany (graduate 2008) 

    “I like the family-like class atmosphere and the interactive teaching approach. Faculty bring us close to the tourism industry.”
    Maria Chur from Germany (graduate 2008)

    “I feel proud of myself through the teachers and the program. Studying something I am interested in, at a foreign college, makes me much stronger for my future career. The college, which helps me to be so, is Capilano University.”
    Danny Jang from Korea (2nd year TMI student)

    “Cap gives you a “cap-full" of knowledge!”
    Kashif K. Mardhani from India (graduate 2008)

    “I love the instructors and my classmates!”
    Wenjie Bian from China (graduating 4th year degree student)