Acting for Stage & Screen Certificate Program Requirements

  • This program does not accept applications. However, Acting for Stage & Screen students can contact the department for more information about earning this credential. In some circumstances, with permission of the department, a student may use ASAS 190-195 and ASAS 290-295 to substitute for other required courses.

    First Term   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 16.50
    Required: 16.50
    ACTR 100 Acting I 3.00  
    ASAS 105 Voice and Movement for the Actor I 1.50  
    ASAS 110 Screen Acting I 3.00  
    ASAS 120 Elements of Performance History I 3.00  
    ENGL 100 University Writing Strategies 3.00  
    THTR 160 Technical Theatre Fundamentals 3.00  
    Second Term   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 15.00
    Total Program Credits 31.50
    Required: 15.00
    ACTR 101 Acting II 3.00  
    ASAS 114 The Screen Actor's Process I 1.50  
    ASAS 115 Voice for the Actor I 1.50  
    ASAS 116 Movement for the Actor I 1.50  
    ASAS 161 Ensemble Projects for the Stage I 3.00  
    ASAS 162 Screen Projects I 1.50  
    University Transferable Elective 3.00  

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