Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Theatre programs lead to a degree?

    Some graduates from Acting for Stage and Screen and Musical Theatre diploma programs go on to complete a degree through the Bachelor of Performing Arts degree completion program.

    Can I submit a distance audition for the Acting for Stage and Screen and Musical Theatre programs?

    Please refer to the Distance Audition information on the "Theatre" website.

    What does the program audition consist of?

    For the Acting for Stage and Screen applicants a presentation of designated prepared monologues and an interview is required. For Musical Theatre, a designated prepared song, some vocal exercises, and a dance audition are required in addition to a designated monologue and interview. You may also be asked to engage in various other exercises at the discretion of the interviewers. Please refer to the forms on the "Theatre" page of this site.

    Where can I find a list of scholarships and bursaries your school offers?

    Contact Financial Aid Office, at (604)-984-4966.

    What percentage of your graduates obtain full-time work?

    Our Technical Theatre students have done very well in the job market, and we have many former students working locally in the entertainment industry. The Musical Theatre and Acting for Stage and Screen diplomas prepare the graduate for work in the professional industry, and we encourage theatre companies to audition our third year students. In acting, the job market is fiercely competitive, and three years of training is fairly standard. We have students working in the professional film and theatre world. Most graduates of ASAS and MUTH secure an agent for Film and Television directly upon graduation and begin to audition.

    Are there any residences on campus?


    How do I find out about Financial Assistance?

    Contact Financial Aid Office, at (604)-984-4900

    What does the program cost?

    Please see the current Fees and Fee Payment schedules.

    Do I have to attend an audition in person?

    While it is highly recommended that you audition in person, distance auditions can be arranged. Please see for more information.

    Can I transfer to another university after having completed the certificate?

    Yes. Some of the required certificate courses are transferable. See the online BC Transfer Guide for more information.

    What level of English do I need to enter your program?

    You must meet the standards for enrolment in a 100 level, English course. You should have a good command of spoken English.

    How long do I have to be out of high school to apply to your program as a mature student?

    At least two years. This is a general admission requirement of the university, and not The Theatre department.

    What high school graduation requirements do I need to enter your program?

    The Theatre department has no specific requirement. All applicants must meet the general Admission Requirements for the university.