Digital Visual Effects Diploma Program Student Learning Outcomes

    • Work with complex computer graphics technologies applicable to the visual effects industry, including writing computer code to control advanced effects software.
    • Be proficient in a range of visual effects skills and have the ability to analyze the appropriate technology use for the specific creative needs of a production pipeline.
    • Be motivated and engaged in on-going and self-directed learning in the technology, development and creative processes of visual effects and future technologies relevant to their industries.
    • Create and develop their own creative content and intellectual properties, with the potential to produce these projects independently and to evaluate the strategic and appropriate market potential for independent or studio projects.
    • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the visual effects industry, as well as its organizations, production companies and cultural communities.
    • Engage in the growth of community and partnership within the field.
    • To analyze and implement the technical, conceptual and artistic processes necessary to produce high quality work as independent filmmakers, or as part of the production pipeline for a production company or studio visual effects team.
    • Demonstrate a professional and collaborative attitude, excellence in interpersonal skills and communications, and will understand the roles, responsibilities and relationships within a production team.