Psychology Workshop Series

  • Each semester, a series of three workshops (the Library Research Skills class, the Study Skills Workshop, & the APA Referencing Style Screencast/Slides Series for Psychology Students) are offered that may be required by your PSYC 100 and PSYC 101 instructor as 4th Hour activities and assignments. The in-person workshop times (if any) will be available from your instructor. There are also on-line alternatives.

    Library Research Skills Class

    These are library moodle classes (Level 1 and Level 2) to show you how to find and access acceptable research sources for your psychology essays and reports. They are designed specifically for you to find scholarly sources in psychology that are trustworthy and credible for your psychology courses. Work through the appropriate Level for your 100 or 101 class for your 4th hour assignment marks.

    Psychology Study Skills workshops

    The Psychology Study Skills workshops are now on-line as well. Alison Parry’s YouTube Videos on Study Skills can be found at:

    Your instructor may have an associated assignment for you to do to show you watched the video. 

    APA Workshop

    APA Style is the referencing style you must use in your psychology essays and reports. The APA workshop is available as a screencast; you can access it from here or from your course moodle site. Your instructor may have the Slides available on their moodle site. You can find the information from the APA workshop on the Quick Guide to APA Style in a handout based on the workshop slides. Your instructor may have an associated assignment for you to do to show you understand APA Referencing Style.