Library and Web Resources in Psychology

  • For your psychology research papers and projects you must know how to find and read original source material, using academic or scholarly published sources of information in psychology. These are not usually found in your public library; they must be accessed through the Capilano Library and its databases such as PsycINFO. You can not use newspapers, magazines, self-help books or popularized reports of psychological research unless specifically requested by your instructor, as these are often abbreviated, inaccurate or sensationalized. For example, to write a paper on eating disorders, look for psychology journal articles or a scholarly review of research on eating disorders in the Capilano Library or on the PsycINFO database, written or edited by psychologists. Sources from Google Scholar may be helpful, but self-help books found in your local library would not be acceptable sources (as they are often not written by psychologists). Our Capilano library has many psychology texts and journals that are at the appropriate level. A Library Research Skills class reviewing these resources will occur in your Introductory Psychology courses in psychology (in Psyc 100 and Psyc 101).

    Using PsycINFO - PsycINFO is an extremely useful database, a collection of abstracts of all scholarly psychology publications. Link here for a brief handout on what PsycINFO is, and how to use it. You can access PsycINFO through the Capilano University Library's database page.

    Finding & Using Journal Articles - a handout and tutorial on finding and understanding psychology journal articles.

    Videos in our Library and on the Web

    Videos used in our Psyc 100 and 101 courses are often available on the Internet. Go to the Annenburg site to download the Mind videos or the Discovering Psychology series.

    Link here for a list of psychology videos available in AV Services in the Capilano Library.