Introductory Psyc Texts

  • All sections of Psyc 100 use the same text, which you can find at the Capilano University Bookstore. All sections of Psyc 101 also use the same text. If you are planning on taking both Psyc 100 and 101 sections, you can buy a hardcover text that includes both 100 and 101 content. Each text is also offered separately, in a soft-cover custom version, and as an e-text (with a non-transferable passcode).

    Both the hard cover and the soft cover versions of the introductory psychology texts for Psyc 100 and 101 for the 2017-2018 are in a new edition. A new (unused) text will come with an access code to the text publisher’s student resources, called MyPsycLab. The textbook is:

    Krause, M., Corts, D., Smith, S., & Dolderman, D. (2018). An introduction to                     
            psychological science
    (2nd Canadian ed.). Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada.

    Additional readings may be required by some instructors, including The Capilano University Writing Guide.  

    Topics Covered

    The full introduction to psychology involves 2 one-semester courses. There are no pre-requisites for either course - you can take either of them first, or both courses in the same semester. 

    The same hard-cover text is used for both of the introductory courses and the material is divided up among 100 and 101 as follows:

    Psyc 100 Psychology 100  Psyc 101 Psychology 101
    Chapter Topic Chapter Topic
    1 Introducing Psychological Science 1 Introducing Psychological Science
    2 Reading and Evaluating Psychological Research 2 Reading & Evaluating Psychological Research
    3 Biological Psychology 4 Sensation & Perception
    6 Learning 5 Consciousness
    7 Memory 9 Intelligence Testing
    8 Language & Thought 11 Motivation & Emotion
    10 Lifespan Development 14 Health, Stress & Coping
    12 Personality 15 Psychological Disorders
    13 Social Behaviour 16 Therapies