Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to study Psychology at Capilano University. What are my options?

    Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology

    The Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology provides students with fundamental knowledge and a critical understanding of the discipline of psychology. The program outlined is designed to stand alone as a two year Associate of Arts  degree or to facilitate transfer to universities such as Simon Fraser University or the University of British Columbia, and completes the first two years of the four year Bachelor degree program.

    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies

    Capilano University offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. Interested students may apply to transfer into the Liberal Studies BA degree program. In this interdisciplinary program you will have a broad range of Arts and Sciences courses, which can include Psychology lower and upper level courses, and Psychology oriented Directed Studies, Tutorials & Graduating Project.

    University Transfer

    The Psychology Department at Capilano University offers a full range of first and second year university transfer courses, which you can take as university transfer electives, or for your program requirements or electives.


    What courses do I take to transfer to a major in Psychology at another university? Are all your Psych courses university transferable?

    Yes, our first and second year Psychology courses are transferable to other universities in BC.You can take the first 2 years of your B.A. in Psychology at Capilano, then transfer to one of the other universities for your third and fourth year. Check the online Capilano Calendar for a list of our courses & their descriptions. Also, you can check the BC Transfer Guide for specific universities. If you complete all the required courses in the program, you can also obtain an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology.

    What Psychology courses are you offering this year?

    Click here to see the first and second year courses we plan to offer in the 2017 - 2018 academic year.

    What are the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology?

    This program is designed to stand alone as a two-year degree program or to facilitate direct transfer to 3rd year university Psychology programs. Check the Associate of Arts degree in Psychology for further information. To graduate with this degree, make sure you are on track with your course requirements. You will need to take PSYC 100, 101, 212, and 213, and one of 230 or 225, one of 222, 200, or 204, and one of  220 or 203. There are also psychology electives offered once a year. Check the online Capilano University Calendar for the course descriptions.

    What pre-requisites do I need to take PSYC 213 (Statistical Methods in Psychology)? Do I need Math 12?

    To take PSYC 213, you will need PSYC 100 and PSYC 101, MATH 097 with a minimum of a C grade; or MATH 091 or BMTH 043 with a minimum of a C+ grade; or MATH 096 or BMTH 044 with a minimum of a C- grade; or BMTH 048 or Precalculus 11 or Principles of Math 11 or Foundations of Math 11 or Applications of Math 11 with a minimum of a C grade; or Applications of Math 12 (pass).

    PSYC 213 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees.

    What do I do if the course I want to take is full?

    There is a waitlisting system for Registration. Check the How to Register web page for advice on how to waitlist for classes.

    Can I take PSYC 101 if I haven't taken PSYC 100?

    Yes, you can. PSYC 100 and PSYC 101 can be taken in any order. 
    For a full review of Introductory Psychology required by many programs you will need both PSYC 100 and PSYC 101. Some of our 2nd year courses require both PSYC 100 and PSYC 101 as prerequisites. 

    What are the Admission Requirements ? Do I need to take a TOEFL test? How do I apply?

    New LinkGo to the "How to Apply" link (left side of this page). To take a Psychology course, you must apply to be accepted as a student at Capilano University. Once accepted as a student, you will be sent a time ticket to register online for your psychology courses, beginning with either PSYC 100 or PSYC 101.

    What are my career options with a degree in Psychology?

    See the link to Careers in Psychology on the left side.

    The website of the Canadian Psychological Association provides some useful information about possible careers in Psychology. The websites of the Association for Psychological Science and the American Psychological Association also provide resources for those seeking careers in Psychology.