POL 205 Public International Law

  • PLEASE NOTE: this abridged outline is an example description of the course, from past years. Instructors can change elements of the course year-to-year.

    COURSE PREREQUISITES:  There are no prerequisites for this course.  

    COURSE OBJECTIVES:  The student can learn the history, nature, practice, enforcement and relevance of public international law including the significant institutional framework of international law.  The student explores the roles that international law plays in global governance and international relations.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to recognize and understand the basic concepts and terms associated with international law; recognize, identify and explain the nature, sources, development and functions of international law in practice in its many forms.  

    REQUIRED TEXTS:  Kaczorowska,  Alina. Public International Law.  5th ed. London: Routledge, 2010, 

    Supplementary readings supplied by instructor.

    COURSE REQUIREMENTS (please note that these requirements will vary each semester, the following is intended as an example only):

    Each student completes the following:

    • Write a brief on a selected assigned case identifying the facts, parties, issues in dispute, legal issues, outcome, and opinion. Participate in a seminar to discuss the briefs. 30%
    • Write a research paper on a selected current problem or issue in public international law. 30%
    • Write a critique of the arguments made in a course moot court. 30%
    • Attend class sessions and participate in discussions and seminars. 10%

    Note: Students who receive credit for POL 305 cannot receive credit for POL 205.