POL 203 International Organizations

  • PLEASE NOTE: this abridged outline is an example description of the course, from past years. Instructors can change elements of the course year-to-year.

    COURSE PREREQUISITES:  There are no prerequisites for this course. 

    COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Do you believe we could all live in a peaceful and prosperous world? Are there any instruments out there that could help us build this? This course offers answers by studying the role of international organizations such as the UN, WTO, NATO, and others in the areas of peace/security, trade, development, human rights, and the environment. This course emphasizes experiential learning through group presentation, a UN simulation as well as applied research/writing, and critical thinking.

    REQUIRED TEXTS:  Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, editors. International Organization and Global Governance. Routledge, 2014.

    Supplementary readings supplied by instructor.

    COURSE REQUIREMENTS (please note that these requirements will vary each semester, the following is intended as an example only):

    • A research paper on the mandate of an international organization, an examination of how it carries out its mandate, an assessment of its effectiveness, and an account of its critics.  Be prepared to present an overview of your international organization in class.  (Essay 30%)         
    • An essay and presentation (with PowerPoint) on a selected issue which is the subject of an important international organization. Presentations follow grading of written papers. Provision for joint work (2 students). (Essay  30%)
    • UN simulation.  A group exercise in diplomacy.  (Preparation & Participation 30%)
    • Participation 10%