Political Studies Courses

  • POL 100 Introduction to Politics and Government
    POL 102 Comparative Government
    POL 104 Canadian Government
    POL 110 An Introduction to Western Political Thought
    POL 111 Contemporary Ideologies
    POL 201 International Relations
    POL 202 Government and Politics of British Columbia
    POL 203 International Organizations
    POL 204 Canadian Public Policy
    POL 205 Public International Law
    POL 206 Scope and Methods of Political Analysis
    POL 207 Selected Issues in Contemporary Social and Political Theory
    POL 208 Aboriginal Politics in Canada
    POL 209 Introduction to the European Union
    POL 222 Regional Comparative Politics
    POL 250 Global Human Rights
    POL 299 Regional Comparative Politics: Field School
    POL 305 Advanced Public International Law
    POL 308 Advanced Canadian Aboriginal Politics
    POL 309 Advanced European Integration
    POL 315 Utopias, Dystopias and Political Thought
    POL 320 Global Ecopolitics
    POL 330 The Political Economy of Globalization
    POL 340 Citizenship and Belonging: From Local to Global Perspectives
    POL 350 Advanced Global Human Rights
    POL 490 Directed Studies

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