Paralegal Certificate Program Requirements

  • Intakes: Campus Terms Full/Part Time
      Off Campus Fall Part-Time
      Off Campus Spring Part-Time
      Off Campus Summer Part-Time

    Certificate requirements must be completed within five years of commencing the program. The five-year period may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

    Continuation Requirements: Any student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 (B) after completing LAW 101, LAW 110 and LAW 210 may be required to withdraw from the program in consultation with the Chair. Any student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 (C) will not be permitted to continue in the program.

    Graduation Requirements: Students must complete all courses in the curriculum (the five required courses and 15 credits of electives) and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to graduate. Students who complete the course requirements without being admitted in the certificate option (for instance, by taking the courses in the degree or diploma option, or transferring in credits from other institutions) and without two or more years of legal work experience will not be eligible to graduate automatically. In these circumstances students must complete up to two years full-time relevant work experience in consultation with the Chair before being eligible to graduate.

    Required Courses   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 15.00
    Required: 15.00
    LAW 101 Introduction to Law 3.00  
    LAW 110 Legal Analysis 3.00  
    LAW 200 Torts I 3.00  
    LAW 210 Legal Research 3.00  
    LAW 300 Contracts I 3.00  
    Electives   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 15.00
    Total Program Credits 30.00
    Choose 15.00 credits of electives: 15.00
    Electives may be chosen from any of the LAW courses offered by the School of Legal Studies as electives in the certificate option (see below), and regardless of whether those courses existed or were available as electives at the time the student commenced the certificate. Please note that legal electives are offered on a rotating basis factoring in demand for particular courses, and will not necessarily be available every year.
    LAW 115 Legal Document Processing 3.00  
    LAW 130 Criminal Law 3.00  
    LAW 140 Family Law and Procedures 3.00  
    LAW 201 Torts II 3.00  
    LAW 220 Litigation Procedures I 3.00  
    LAW 230 Evidence 3.00  
    LAW 240 Estates and Procedures 3.00  
    LAW 301 Contracts II 3.00  
    LAW 305 Arts and Entertainment Law 3.00  
    LAW 308 Sports and Recreation Law 3.00  
    LAW 310 Legal Drafting 3.00  
    LAW 315 Legal Interviewing 3.00  
    LAW 317 Conflict Resolution 3.00  
    LAW 318 Meditation in Law and Business 3.00  
    LAW 320 Creditors' Remedies and Procedures 3.00  
    LAW 330 Administrative Law 3.00  
    LAW 335 Environmental Law 3.00  
    LAW 340 Company Law 3.00  
    LAW 341 Securities Law 3.00  
    LAW 342 Corporate Procedures 1.50  
    LAW 344 Elder Law 3.00  
    LAW 360 Labour and Employment Law 3.00  
    LAW 370 Modern Themes in Canadian Law 3.00  
    LAW 400 Insurance Law I 3.00  
    LAW 401 Insurance Law II 3.00  
    LAW 410 Legal Advocacy 3.00  
    LAW 415 Legal Ethics 3.00  
    LAW 420 Litigation Procedures II 3.00  
    LAW 430 Aboriginal Law 3.00  
    LAW 440 Real Property 3.00  
    LAW 442 Conveyancing Procedures 1.50  
    LAW 450 Intellectual Property 3.00  
    LAW 460 International Law 3.00  
    LAW 462 International Human Rights Law 3.00  
    LAW 464 International Women's Rights Law 3.00  
    LAW 466 International Criminal Law 3.00  
    LAW 470 Philosophy of Law 3.00  

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