Outdoor Recreation Management Diploma Student Learning Outcomes

  • On successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

    • Recognize and participate in the commercial aspect of the Outdoor Recreation Industry.
    • Be able to effectively deliver information to a diversity of audiences in an outdoor recreation context.
    • Actively participate in local and global outdoor recreation community initiatives to develop competency in a leadership role, social consciousness and a sense of responsibility.
    • Analyze, adapt and apply the fundamentals of environmental and cultural stewardship as they relate to the outdoor recreation industry and to the global community.
    • Apply theoretical concepts, relevant research, experience-based judgment and critical thinking to make decisions within the context of commercial outdoor recreation that meet the industry standard.
    • Have a comprehensive understanding and the tools necessary for working within a sustainable and environmentally conscious outdoor recreation business.
    • Demonstrate professional appearance, attitudes and behaviours appropriate to the commercial outdoor recreation industry.