How it Works

  • The Capilano University Music Therapy program begins in year three.  The following chart outlines the courses in third and fourth year.  The next chart outlines the prerequisite courses that make up the first two years.  After completion of fourth year and all the prerequisite courses each student begins the pre-professional practicum course.   After completing the pre-professional practicum each student is eligible for the Bachelor of Music Therapy degree (BMT), and then Music Therapy Accreditation (MTA) through the Canadian Association for Music Therapy.

    Third Year – First Semester Third Year – Second Semester
    MT 320 Improvisation I
    MT 330 Clinical Skills
    MT 350 Influence of Music I
    MT 360 Music Therapy I
    MT 364 Health Conditions - Adulthood
    MT 380 Counselling and Interpersonal Skills
    Private Music Instruction - Concentration
    Private Music Instruction - Secondary
    MT 361 Music Therapy II
    MT 370 Health Conditions - Childhood
    MT 391 Practicum Seminar I
    MT 420 Improvisation II
    Psyc 222 Abnormal Psychology
    Private Music Instruction - Concentration
    Private Music Instruction - Secondary
    Fourth Year – Third Semester Fourth Year – Fourth Semester
    MT 450 Music and the Creative Arts I
    MT 460 Music Therapy III
    MT 490 Practicum Seminar II
    Psyc 201 Group Dynamics
    Private Music Instruction - Concentration
    Private Music Instruction - Secondary

    MT 451 Music and the Creative Arts II
    MT 461 Music Therapy IV
    MT 462 Principles of Research
    MT 480 Improvisation III
    MT 491 Practicum Seminar III
    Private Music Instruction - Concentration
    Private Music Instruction - Secondary
    Fifth year- Fifth Semester
    MT 511 Pre-Professional Practicum (formerly the Internship)

    Prerequisites for Entry to Third Year of Music Therapy:
    Please use the Information and Application Package (.pdf) for more specific information.  All courses listed are three credits (one semester courses).

    English Composition

    English Literature

    Intro Psychology I

    Intro Psychology II

    Child Development Psychology

    Psychology Elective (200+ level) 1  

    Science/Math 2  

    Music History I

    Music History II

    Music Theory I

    Music Theory II

    Ear Training/Aural Skills

    Humanities/Social Science/Music I  3  

    Humanities/Social Science/Music II

    General Elective/Music

    1. Psychology Elective (200 level or higher)

      The following courses will not satisfy this requirement, as they are part of third and fourth year:  Abnormal Psychology, Group Dynamics, Research and Statistics.

    2. Science/Math courses include:

      Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Earth Science, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Geophysics. Mathematics, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Ocean Science, Physical Anthropology (but not Human or Social Anthropology), Physical Geography (but not Human, Cultural or Social Geography), Physics, Physiology, Statistics, Zoology or Biopsychology of Behaviour (Psychology course).

    3. Humanities/Social Science/Music I and II include the following courses:

      Art History, Music History, Languages, Communications. Creative Writing, Cultural Studies, History, Journalism, Media Studies, Philosophy, Theatre Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Criminology. Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Cultural or Human Geography, and any 100 level or higher music courses at a university or college level.

    For a more complete presentation of information about the Capilano University Music Therapy program, the prerequisites for entry to third year, and Music Therapy in general, please request a copy of the Music Therapy Information and Application Package (.pdf).

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