Math Department Style Guide

  • The following guide describes the format for giving an answer in any mathematics assignment, test or final exam.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a penalty at the discretion of your instructor.

    1. Solutions must be presented in a clear and orderly fashion and supported with appropriate details. Your final answer must appear clearly identified.
    2. Mathematical language and symbolism must be used appropriately. Spelling and grammar must be correct.
    3. Graphical solutions must include the following information:
      • Window dimensions
      • A graph label, ie. “Y1= f(x)”, to identify what graph is shown.
      • Where axes are visible, they must be labelled and arrows must be included to show the positive direction.
    1. The symbols “ = ” and “ ≈ ” must be used appropriately and not confused.
    2. The use of an arrow sign “ => ” or “ → ” in place of an equals sign “ = ” is not acceptable.
    3. Units must be given in the final answer of application problems, where applicable.
    4. Variables introduced to help solve a problem must be defined in either a diagram or a sentence.

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