Graphing Calculator Resources

  • For an introduction to the TI-84+  or TI-83+ calculator, work through the Graphing Calculator Workshop .  You may check your answers for the numerical calculations by viewing these solutions

    For further information (including detailed written instructions on solving equations and inequalities graphically), please read Using the Graphing Calculator (pdf).  After working through the exercises in the document, check your solutions (pdf).

    The following five videos (created by demonstrate how to use the graphing features of the TI-84+ and how to use the "store" function.  Please use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome if the videos do not load in Internet Explorer.  For the tutorials on graphing, the instructor always starts with a standard window. You can obtain a standard window by pushing the Zoom button, then choosing option 6. The graphing videos explain the functions of the row of buttons found immediately below the graphing screen on the TI-84+. 

  • Video 1:  The "Y=" and "Graph" Buttons


    Video 2:  The "Window" Button

    (Includes window settings and table settings)

    Video 3:  The "Zoom" Button


    Video 4:  The "Trace" Button

    (Includes the Zero, Minimum, Maximum and Intersect functions)

    Video 5:  Storing Values


    Additional videos:

    The following videos are best viewed using the Chrome or Firefox browser.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to disable HD in order to play the video.  To turn off HD, click on the blue HD at the bottom right of the video window.  HD should then appear in grey.

    How to Solve an Equation Using Intersect


    How to Access the Y1 Variable


    How to Enter Absolute Value