Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am on a waitlist for a Math course. Should I attend the first class even though I am not registered yet?

    Yes!  Instructors generally send waitlist offers only to students who attend the first class, regardless of what position the students hold on the waitlist.  Attending the first class shows the instructor that you are committed to participating in the course

    How can I obtain permission to register for a Math course that I have taken two or more times in previous semesters (repeat override)?

    The policy of the Mathematics and Statistics Department is to only give “repeat overrides” for students, at the discretion of the course instructor, after classes have started.  Furthermore, all students who have not taken the course two or more times in previous semesters will be given priority to register.  Students who wish to request a repeat override should attend the first class and speak with the instructor at an appropriate time.

    Where are the faculty offices of Department of Mathematics and Statistics located?

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is located in the School of STEM offices, Fir Building 471.  Your Math instructor’s office is located in this area.

    Where do I find my instructor’s web site?

    You can find links to instructors’ web sites as well as phone locals and office locations on our Faculty page.

    Where can I pick up a copy of the Math Placement Test (MPT) Guide?

    You can pick up a copy in the Registrar's office (BR230) and in the School of STEM office (FR471).

    How often may I write the MPT?

    With the exception of the placement test for admission into MATH 097, students are not allowed to rewrite the same level of placement test within a twelve-month period. The waiting period to rewrite the placement test for entry into MATH 097 is one month or longer.

    Where can I get math help?

    In addition to your instructor’s office hours, there are instructors available during scheduled hours in the Math Learning Centre (BR289) as well as two large study areas, a video/computer room and a library of math reference texts.  The MLC video/computer room is equipped with two video stations, where students may view math video tapes on topics in calculus, precalculus, algebra and statistics, and three computer stations with a printer, where students may research material online or access materials posted by their math or stat instructor.

    Where is the Math Learning Centre (MLC)?

    The Math Learning Centre is located in the Birch Building in BR289.

    Where can I find the Math Learning Centre schedule?

    There is a link to a pdf of  the schedule on the MLC website.  The schedule is also posted outside the MLC (BR289).

    The website says I need a graphing calculator. Where can I find more information on graphing calculators?

    You can visit Graphing Calculator Policies or Graphing Calculator Resources for helpful information on graphing calculators and how we use them in Mathematics courses.

    Where can I find out about transfer credit to other institutions?

    What 200 or 300 level Math courses will be offered this year?

    What Math courses are offered in the upcoming Summer semester?