Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing the Liberal Studies degree, students will be able to:

    • Initiate, execute and take responsibility for a self-directed interdisciplinary research project emerging directly from the student’s own academic and/or professional interests.
    • Describe and integrate concepts, theories, and practices from across core academic disciplines with an awareness of limits of knowledge.
    • Apply foundational learning (knowledge, critical thinking, research skills, imagination, and judgment) and holistic problem solving skills in academic work.
    • Synthesize knowledge to produce critically searching interdisciplinary work.
    • Apply quantitative and qualitative reasoning and research methods while identifying and understanding the application of ethical reasoning with a particular emphasis on working appropriately with human subjects and conducting field work.
    • Produce well-organized and coherent university-level materials, individually or in a group, which meet stated objectives and audience needs in written, oral, digital and/or visual forms.
    • Consider and assess the potential impact of interpretative frameworks, decisions and actions on people and the environment, locally and globally.