• Belanger 2016 FallBrigitte Belanger - French
    MA (l’Université Laval)
    Instructional Associate - Language/French

    Brigitte was born in Quebec City.  She holds a Master of Arts in Career Counselling from l’Université Laval. She moved to Vancouver shortly after her  ... [more]

    catherineCatherine Gloor - French
    BA (Hons. (Concordia), MA (McMaster), BEd (UBC)
    Instructor, (French) - Languages

    A relative newcomer to Capilano University (2006), Catherine previously taught French language and literature at McMaster University (Hamilton,  ... [more]

    Elizabeth Pereira - Spanish (on leave)
    BA (UBC), MA (UBC)
    Instructor (Spanish) - Languages

    Elizabeth Pereira has taught at Capilano University since 1997. She teaches first and second-year Spanish, introducing Spanish and Latin American lite ... [more]

    Joan Li - Chinese
    BA (Beijing Foreign Language Institute, China), MA (University of Reading)
    Instructional Associate (Chinese) - Languages

    Joan has been involved in teaching and translating in China and Japan, as well as in Canada. Since coming to Capilano in the summer of 2003, she has t ... [more]

    Josema Zamorano(2)Josema Zamorano
    BSc (ITESM, Mexico), MSc (U. of Surrey, UK), MA (UNAM, Mexico), PhD (UBC)
    Instructor - Spanish - Languages

    Josema has taught university students in different fields (Spanish, engineering, literature, philosophy and photography) since 1999. He teaches Spanis ... [more]

    Kazuko Mito - Japanese
    BA, MA (UBC)
    Instructor (Japanese)/Coordinator Languages - Languages

    Kazuko Mito is from Yokohama, Japan, and has been teaching at Capilano since 1994. She teaches first and second-year Japanese courses in Humanities. K ... [more]

    Kirk Mattson - Spanish
    BA (Hons.) (SFU), Licenciatura (Barcelona)
    Instructor, Instructional Associate (Spanish) - Languages

    Kirk Mattson has conducted conversation classes, language labs, and adult evening classes in Spanish at Capilano since 1990. Previously, he was an int ... [more]

    Tong ChowTong Chow - Chinese
    BA (Hons.), (Beijing Foreign Language Institute), MA (SFU)
    Instructor, (Chinese)/Coodinator - Languages

    Tong Chow has been Chinese Instructor at Capilano since 1998 and at UBC since 1988. Born in Beijing, China, Tong was the first representative from Chi ... [more]