• DENIS DUBORD, BA (Alberta), MA (UVic), PhD (UVic)

    E-mail: ddubord@capilanou.ca 
    Local: 2479    Office: FR 501B

    Interested in many different historical periods and topics, Denis' areas of concentration include Modern European, Canadian and military history.

    NANCI LUCAS, BA, MA (Saskatchewan)

    E-mail: nlucas@capilanou.ca 
    Local: 3673    Office: AR 209-12

    Nanci has taught a variety of European and American history courses at the University since 2001. She is the department’s online specialist and has developed and taught several of the department’s mixed-mode offerings including World Civilizations.

    DALE MONTGOMERY, BA (McGill), MA (UVic), PhD (QUB)

    E-mail: dalemontgomery@capilanou.ca 
    Local: 3450    Office: FR 404

    Dale has lectured numerous classes in World, European and American History at various institutions across the Lower Mainland.  His research examines the influence of classical Greek and Roman philosophy in the establishment of the American political system.  Dale is also interested in the integration of various multi-media platforms to enhance the learning experience for his students. 

    DEREK MURRAY, MA (Guelph), G.Cert. (UVic), PhD(c) (UVic)

    E-mail: derekmurray2@capilanou.ca
    Local: 3023    Office: FR 404

    Derek teaches in the areas of Canadian, World, and American history. His PhD thesis is on the everyday interactions amongst human beings and their local environments in a marginal landscape. Derek also has a graduate certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from UVic. He enjoys experimenting with teaching strategies in order to change the way students think about the discipline of history. You can also find him on the academic nerd network, Academia.edu.