• What Global Stews Say About the Program:

    "Earlier this week I had a little revelation during Brook's English class. She showed us a clip of a documentary on Rigoberta Menchú. I understood the postcolonial and subaltern studies mentioned, and I didn't have to rely on the English subtitles to understand her Spanish. Although the world is so complex and some people seem to be impossible to understand, my Global Stew courses/teachers and their insights have offered so much more than I expected. It took awhile for me to understand why we were taking such a broad range of courses, but I get it now. Everything is truly coming together which makes me excited to learn more after I leave Cap this spring. Thank you for having the program!" ~Global Stew - Year 6 

    Lindsay Clarke"I chose to study in the GSP because it really fits in with my ideals and where I'm at in life right now. I have to say it's been the best decision of my life so far. Going from class to class with the students in the program is amazing. You have this instant bond with the group because everyone knows what you are going through, the excitement and the stress. Most everyone has the same basic ideals so it creates this amazing creative energy. That isn't to say that we don't have our differences but debating is so fun when people are really passionate about what they are talking about. Everyday I learn something new that challenges my ideas and what I value causing me to really grow as an individual."
    ~Lindsay Clarke

    "I remember talking to my friends after the first week of university. Their excitement had already significantly diminished as they quickly discovered they hatedJames Haga their classes. I'm lucky enough to feel passionate about what the Global Stewardship program offers, as well as who I'm learning with; and I feel what I'm doing is driven by a purpose and that it reflects my values."
    ~ James Haga

    Kaity Sackeroff"I found my way to the Global Stewardship program purely by chance. I had just returned from a seven month BC/Indonesia volunteer exchange with Canada World Youth, and was totally lost on what to do for the next year, so Cap University seemed a good option. As soon as I had stumbled upon the information booth for the Global Stewardship program, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. My experiences in Canada World Youth had strengthened my passion for international issues, and this program is doing the same!"
    ~ Kaity Sackeroff

    "My experience having eight students from the Global Stewardship Program volunteer for our Special Events committee was nothing short of fantastic. WithLisa Heel the help of those students, our HUGGS First Birthday Celebration was a great success. May HUGGS Canada and the Global Stewardship Program join forces in many future endeavors!"
    ~ Lisa Heel
    Founder of HUGGS Canada
    (Helping Underprivileged Girls and Guys Study)

    /uploadedImages/content/programs-courses/psychology-stage(1)/photos/Katherine de Visser.jpg"The first thing that caught my attention about the Global Stewardship was the ad: "Do you want to make a difference? Do you love to travel? Do you want to work with an Non-Profit Organization or the United Nations? In my head, I was going, YES,YES, YES, that's me! In fact, all the students chosen for this program are compassionate people who want to get involved. I would say it's like a family. Most of us spend four classes together and help each other try to find volunteering activities. This is very helpful, because I know I am going into an organization with an understanding of how a non-profit works,and that way I can be more valuable in the long run."
    ~ Katherine de Visser

    "The Global Stewardship program is a nest, supporting and fostering big, passionate ideas. It is a forum for exchange between students, faculty and the NGO Megan Brandoncommunity. The program supplies youth with a springboard into the not-for-profit sector through relatable course material, co-op opportunities and group action on campus and in local and international communities. And the Global Stewardship Program welcomes people from refreshingly diverse pasts and relies on this diversity to expand the collective view of international action. The program rocks!"
    ~ Megan Branson

    Don Wright"It is very important that individuals wishing to work in the NGO field not only be committed to making the world a better place, but possess the skills and tools to be effective with limited resources, challenging timeframes, and sometimes very difficult situations. I am convinced this program will make a significant contribution to helping participants develop these important skills. I have had an opportunity to meet the students and I am impressed with their interest in international development, human rights and the global environment - this bodes well for the future of important work in these areas of international concern."

    ~ Don Wright
    Regional Development Coordinator, BC/Yukon
    Amnesty International