Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I guaranteed a job when I graduate from the program?

    There are two major advantages to taking the Global Stewardship program from an employment perspective. First of all, you will enter early the NGO network, and it is through this network that most jobs are filled. Secondly, graduates of the Global Stewardship Program meet the eligibility requirements of CIDA's InternationalYouth Internship Program ( Those who plan to pursue a career in NGO work will benefit from completing a Bachelor's degree, and possibly a Masters in the future.

    I have a degree. Is the Global Stewardship Program for me?

    The Global Stewardship program is not for you. It has been designed for those starting off their degree who wish to explore a career working for NGOs.

    Does the Global Stewardship Program supply the volunteer position?

    No. Students are expected to secure their own volunteer position. We have found that this helps students develop the job search and networking skills they will need to succeed in their careers. In many cases, NGOs let us know about their volunteer needs, and this information is of course passed on to the class. Please note that while the Global Stewardship program only requires 40 hours of volunteer work each semester, many NGOs will expect more commitment if they are to take you on as a volunteer.

    When do I volunteer?

    Students volunteer for a minimum of 40 hours in each of the spring semesters. With permission, these volunteer activities can be delayed to the summer for those who have secured an overseas placement.

    Do I have to complete the program in 2 years?

    The program is designed for you to complete the cohort courses in two years, but you can take the other courses required for the Associate of Arts degree in the summer or over a third year. In rare instances, students could be given permission to delay the second year of their program for one year.

    When can I enter the program?

    We select 35 students to start the Global Stewardship program every September (Fall semester). There are no intakes into the program in either the spring or the summer semesters.

    Is this program only for students who have just graduated from high school?

    No. Many GS students have just left high school, but we have many students enter the program who have already been attending college or university. And a number of students have been working for some time, and have returned to college to begin their degree.