Geography Courses

  • GEOG 100 Human Geography: People, Places and Cultures
    GEOG 101 Environmental Geography: Understanding the Issues
    GEOG 102 Environmental Geography: Global Concerns
    GEOG 107 Introduction to North America
    GEOG 112 Physical Landscapes I
    GEOG 114 Weather and Climate I
    GEOG 200 Geographical Approaches to the Global Economy
    GEOG 201 Urban Studies
    GEOG 202 Urban Field Studies
    GEOG 205 Rising Giants: The Global Shift to China and India
    GEOG 206 British Columbia: Landscapes in Transition
    GEOG 208 Canada: A Nation of Regions
    GEOG 210 Natural Hazards
    GEOG 212 Physical Landscapes II
    GEOG 214 Weather and Climate II
    GEOG 221 Mapping our Changing World
    GEOG 222 Environmental Geography: Global to Local
    GEOG 249 Selected Regions
    GEOG 316 Climate Change: From Science to Sustainability
    GEOG 330 Water Changes Everything
    GEOG 350 Cities in the Global South
    GEOG 360 The Geography of a Sustainable World
    GEOG 490 Directed Studies

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