• Students are applying for the internship program, not individual internship opportunities. The internships provide significant added value for the students who participate in the Study Tour. Interns experience the daily work in the institutions and participate actively in the activities of the host institutions, possibly including research and the preparation of documents. Many of the participating academic institutions in the Network have recognized this added benefit and provide academic credit for the internships. Furthermore, the host organizations have expressed their satisfaction with the work done by the interns, and this is key to their continued cooperation with the Network in sponsoring internships. The nature of the work at host institutions are set out during the initial week of the internship and can involve research, policy development and analysis, report writing, updating of media, and attending meetings. Most interns are quickly absorbed into the life of the host institution.

      General Conditions and Requirements

      Host organizations have minimum requirements for interns (which might include a B.A. degree awarded, Canadian citizenship, as well as particular skills or languages). Furthermore, organizations have preferences for skills, language abilities, or attributes.  Application to the internship program does not entail immediate qualification for all the internship opportunities in the preliminary list.  

      Priority is given to qualified graduate students; however fourth year undergraduates are also eligible for internships.

      Your home university may give academic credit for participation in the internship program, perhaps in conjunction with credit for the Study Tour. This aspect is totally at the discretion of the local institution but is greatly appreciated by the Network.

      Equitable distribution of the internships between the participating academic institutions will be ensured, and a Selection Committee comprised of Members of the Governing Board oversee the applications. Priority is given to applications from Network institutions. During the Study Tour program, time will be set aside for the interns to meet with the Director, and discuss how to succeed in this opportunity. Students might also have opportunity to meet with representatives of their respective host institutions to provide interns with relevant additional information, if this is possible.

      Evaluation of internship experience is an important factor in developing future internships; hence each participant is required to provide Completion Reports of the internship experience, including a report from the supervisor at the host institution.

      The Director and Tour Assistant will assist in resolving problems, although the primary point of contact will be with our European agent, the representative from Saint Louis University.


      Students who remain in Europe for an internship MUST have sufficient travel and medical insurance to cover both the Study Tour and the duration of the internship. Additionally, all interns are required to have personal liability insurance. Personal liability insurance is often included in a person's home insurance package and you should determine this information before inquiring. You will be asked to provide evidence of this insurance prior to the beginning of the Study Tour, to be submitted to Host organizations will not permit students to begin the internship without first seeing evidence of valid insurance. 

      Living in Europe 

      Internships are non-remunerative, and all living costs are assumed by the intern. Internship applicants are responsible for finding their own accommodations, and should begin investigating options as soon as possible. Students who do not arrange accommodations until they arrive in Brussels will find that their options are limited and more expensive. The Director will provide advice on finding accommodations in March, and the Tour Assistant can assist students in April and May. Students should NOT confirm accommodations until an internship position is confirmed - locations and date may vary. 

      Travelling to Europe 

      Interns should wait until they have confirmed internship prior to arranging travel. The Director endeavours to provide applicants an internship offer by April 1, although each organization has its own selection procedures which can cause delays.