How to Apply

    • How to Apply for the Study Tour Program

      Deadline for Application for the 2017 European Union Study Tour Program: February 9, 2017

      Step 1: Contact your local faculty sponsor. Each institution is responsible for its own selection procedure.  If a contact for your university is not listed, send an email to the Director, Conrad King, at

      Step 2: Go through the local selection process. When your faculty sponsor has notified you and the Directors that you are selected, you should complete the tour registration form and submit to You will be required to pay a deposit of $1000 to secure your place on the Tour. Please go to Fees and Fee Payment for further details on payment schedule.

      Step 3: Make your own travel arrangements, read all the bulletins issued to students by the Tour, and participate in your faculty sponsor’s preparation activities. Beginning in March, students who have applied and been accepted will begin to receive electronic bulletins with important Study Tour and Internship Program information.  

      How to Apply for the Internship Program

      Deadline for Application for the 2017 European Union Study Tour and Internship Program: February 9, 2017

      A student who is requesting an internship should indicate this on the front page of the Study Tour and Internship Program Application Form by checking Option B, and complete the separate internship application. Students registering for the Study Tour only, and not interested in the internship program, should only complete the tour registration form.

      Read the information below carefully. You will need to take some time to ensure you have all the information to complete the application form.

    • Step 1

      A preliminary list of internships is provided on the web site. This will be updated with new information provided by the Director.

      Step 2

      An internship application must be supported by a faculty reference form and submitted to your local faculty sponsor. A letter of commitment is also required (see Internship Application Package). The Internship Application includes information about personal constraints and preferences, the letter of commitment, a cover letter, a Europass Curriculum Vitae, and the faculty referral. This file will be assembled by the student, verified by the local faculty sponsor, and emailed to by the deadline.

      Step 3

      The local faculty sponsor will review your documents and might conduct an interview. Only applications approved by the local faculty sponsor will be submitted to the final selection and allocation process.

      The local faculty sponsor will forward the Application File to the Associate Director (Administration). Applications will be reviewed by the Director and an internship Selection Committee comprised of faculty from the Board of Governors for the EUST&IP. The application is then submitted to particular host organizations. The preference and motivations of the students are also taken into account. 

      The organizations have their own internal selection process, and they indicate the students they would prefer to take as interns. Therefore, students should consider this a competitive process, and take care to emphasize how their academic and professional background is especially relevant for the internship program. Relevant information about skills, aptitudes and motivations should be included. Extraneous or irrelevant information should be excluded – it might hinder the chances of a particular student being selected by a particular organization.

      Step 4

      The final selection and recommended assignment is the responsibility of a Selection Committee of the Board. The actual assignment to a particular internship position is the responsibility of the Director.