• English 100 - University Writing Strategies

    An English composition course is a requirement in most programs, both academic and professional, because it teaches essential reading, thinking, and communication skills.

    We offer multiple sections of our foundation writing course.  English 100 teaches students the fundamentals of first year university writing, as well as valuable transferable skills.  You’ll hone your ability to read critically, respond thoughtfully in discussions, and compose well-structured and well-reasoned arguments.  And you’ll be introduced to the basics of citing sources and researching responsibly.

    The course examines aspects of contemporary culture through a variety of print and other media. Course themes and cultural content are chosen by individual instructors, who ensure the course material is both engaging and relevant. Assignments such as the critical response, the narrative argument, and the documented research essay prepare students for the demands of thoughtful reading and writing at university.

    All sections of English 100 have the following core components:

    • Development of revising and editing skills
    • Development of critical reading skills
    • Introduction to argument and critical response
    • Introduction to evaluating, relating, and incorporating sources
    • Introduction to research practices
    • Exploration of contemporary culture through a range of sources and media
    • Collaborative learning opportunities

    English 300 - Writing, Rhetoric, Style

    A program requirement in the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Liberal Studies Degree, this course builds on writing skills introduced in English 100, and is intended to increase versatility by deepening the writer’s knowledge of rhetorical choices and awareness of current essay genres.  

    English 300 is offered each Spring semester. 

    Courses are subject to change.  Please check the online MyCap Schedule for the most up to date listings, or contact the English Department.