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    Roger Farr’s new book Means has just been released by LINEbooks. Building on an earlier book, Surplus, this collection of four long poems, a radio script, and a manifesto takes on the pleasure-politics of communication and dissent. Sections of the book previously appeared in Armed Cell, Canadian Literature, Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada, and the Poetic Front.


     Roger Farr - IMKQ

    Roger Farr's new book IKMQ is now shipping from New Star’s post-firebomb warehouse in East Vancouver. Consisting of exactly sixty–four prose vignettes – narratives, instructions, games, events, formulae –IKMQ falls along a continuum that includes the parable and fable traditions, the history of experimental prose, and the style manual. Selections from the book have appeared in The Capilano Review, Matrix, PRECIPICe, and West Coast Line.



    Surplus is embedded into a vital moment of poetry and poetics in North America where the very conditions that culture (and history) are produced under – the astonishing meanness and destructivenes of neoliberalism – calls daily for a poetics to roughen up the surface of the present and to ask the fundamental questions concerning where social change has and will come from. Surplus is an important book in the growing cultural front.”  – Jeff Derksen

    N 49 19. 47 - W 123 8.11

     N 49 19 47 - W 123 811

    Founded in 2003 by Roger Farr, Reg Johanson, and Aaron Vidaver, the Pacific Institute for Language and Literacy Studies (PILLS) carries out co-research and authorship in the intersecting areas of language, literacy and social reproduction. PILLS’ latest offering is N 49 19. 47 - W 123 8.11, a collaborative work of social documentary in the form of poetry, poetics, and photography. The book was commissioned by the Kootenay School of Writing for the Positions Colloquium, a gathering of North American avant-garde writers and artists held in Vancouver in August 2008.

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