Reg Johanson



    Courage, My Love (Line Books, 2006), brings together a selection of works that have appeared over the last decade in W Magazine, the chapbook Chips (Thuja, 2001), and in the anthologies Shift and Switch:  New Canadian Poetry (Mercury, 2005) and Companions and Horizons (WCL, 2005).  Critical work on Standard English as a classist and racializing displinary practice, and on the political economy of "cheating" and plagiarism, has appeared in XCPCross Cultural Poetics and as "Working Papers in Critical Practise #1" (; other essays on liquor policy, on "the radical" in poetry, on representations of missing women, and on global urbanization appear or are forthcoming in West Coast Line and The Rain Review.

    N 49 19. 47 - W 123 8.11

    Founded in 2003 by Roger Farr, Reg Johanson, and Aaron Vidaver, the Pacific Institute for Language and Literacy Studies (PILLS) carries out co-research and authorship in the intersecting areas of language, literacy and social reproduction. PILLS’ latest offering is N 49 19. 47 - W 123 8.11, a collaborative work of social documentary in the form of poetry, poetics, and photography. The book was commissioned by the Kootenay School of Writing for the Positions Colloquium, a gathering of North American avant-garde writers and artists held in Vancouver in August 2008.