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    Bowering's Books

    Bowering's Books, a special issue of The Capilano Review

    Bowering's Books, a special issue of The Capilano Review, is 240 pages devoted to celebrating George Bowering's genius. Too often the subtle complexities of his writing are lost in hilarity. Bowering's Books pays attention to the dazzling range and brilliance of his writing, its tireless probing experimentation, its selfless poetics, its sheer generosity, and its major contribution to the literature of this country.

    Read Colin Browne's conversation with Bowering about the 50 titles he would stock a library with, see architect Sacha Milojevic's design for a George Bowering Reading Room; read Margaret Atwood on the selected Bowering that she edited in 1969; Fred Wah on Bowering's first book, Sticks and Stones; Ted Byrne on Genève; Steve McCaffery on Allophanes; Daphne Marlatt on the collaborative mock Western The Story, She Said; Meredith Quartermain on Burning Water; Kevin Killian on Harry's Fragments; Karl Siegler on Kerrisdale Elegies; Miriam Nichols on Bowering and Blaser; Deanna Fong on Bowering audio; and many many more wonderful pieces.