Applied Science: Engineering Certificate Program Requirements

  • Intakes: Campus Terms Full/Part Time
      North Vancouver Fall Full-Time

    Continuation Requirement: For continuation in the Applied Science: Engineering Certificate program, the student must normally satisfy all of the following requirements: complete MATH 116 by the end of the First Term of the program; maintain a minimum CGPA of 1.8; be able to complete all program requirements within one academic year.

    Graduation Requirement: To be eligible for graduation, all program requirements must normally be completed within one academic year.

    First Term   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 23.00
    Required: 23.00
    APSC 120 Introduction to Engineering 1.00  
    APSC 130 Technical Drafting and Computer-Aided Design 3.00  
    CHEM 154 Chemical Principles for Engineers 4.00  
    COMP 120 Computer Science for Engineers 4.00  
    ENGL 100 University Writing Strategies 3.00  
    MATH 116 Calculus I - The Mathematics of Change 4.00  
    PHYS 114 Fundamental Physics I 4.00  
    Second Term   Course Credits Required Credits
    Credits 20.00
    Total Program Credits 43.00
    Required: 17.00
    APSC 120 Introduction to Engineering Continued  
    APSC 140 Engineering Design 3.00  
    MATH 126 Calculus II 3.00  
    MATH 152 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 4.00  
    PHYS 115 Fundamental Physics II 4.00  
    PHYS 116 Fundamental Physics III 3.00  
    Choose 3.00 credits of electives: 3.00
    Arts Elective 100-level or higher 3.00  

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